Device Management

The Device Management gives you some basic information on the device you selected as well as the ability to view all of the command output files for a given device. rConfig checks the device status when you open or refresh this page by attempting to make a connection to the device on it's configured access method i.e. TCP port 23, or TCP port 22. Status will either display Unavailable or Online.

The Device Configurations section gives you the ability to drill through the folder structure of downloaded command outputs. You can click a file to open it in a browser window. When this new window is open, you can click the download link (fig5.) in the top right hand corner to download the actual text file.

There are three key functions on this page to be aware of;

Item Description
Edit Device Brings you to the edit device page for the selected device
Manual Download Invokes a download of configurations for this single device. The commands used are based on the devices category. More on this later...
Run Config Snippet Invoke a command snippet manually. More on this later...