Device Connection Templates


Device Connection templates are a new in rConfig 3.8.0. They are used to specify connection and CLI settings when rConfig attempts to connect to devices. Lets go over some rules for templates;

  1. Multiple devices can use the same template
  2. One device can only be configure to use a single template
  3. Templates are configured in yaml and the specific details for key/ value pairs on on the github link below
  4. You can have unlimited templates
  5. If you create a working template for a device not in the repo above, please email it to for inclusion in the repository so that others may use it.

Visit for latest templates and documentation on template standards

Connection Templates UI.

Alt text

On this page you can;

  1. Create a new template. This will open the template editor and load the 'base' template for you to begin editing
  2. Delete a template. Click on any row to highlight it, and then click delete to remove a template.
  3. Backup will take you to the backups page, where you can backup rConfig in its entirety at any time.
  4. Clicking on a template name, will open that template for editing in the code editor

When editing any template, be careful. Any changes will affect all devices that use the template for connectivity and configuration backups.

Template Editor

Alt text

Some points on the editor to remember;

  1. The notice above the editor will let you know if you are in 'create' or 'edit' mode
  2. All comments are prefixed with a '#' You can add as many comments as you like. You are advised to not remove default comments, but you can if you wish.
  3. Visit for detailed information on each key/value pairs.
  4. This editor does not include a syntax checker, so be very careful for typos, extra spaces, and proper use quotations marks where required, and where they are not required. Formatting is important.
  5. You need enter a filename when creating a file. File format should be as follows;

vendorName-ModelNumber-ConnectionType-isEnableModeOrNot.yml i.e. dell-6248-telnet-enable.yml

Once a template is created, you can configure devices in the device management page to use these templates for connections.