The rConfig dashboard is your default page after login to rConfig and a page to get some basic system information. The rConfig dashboard for as of the current release contains two sections.

  • Server information
  • Last 5 devices added

The first thing you should know about the rConfig dashboard is, if the install directory is not deleted, or renamed per the setup requirements, a warning per fig3. will display every time the dashboard page is loaded. You will be present the option to click the 'remove' link when the message displays where rConfig will then remove the installation directory for you. Alt text

Server information
Item Description
Servername Current hostname of rConfig Server
IP Address rConfig Server configured IP address
DNS Addresses rConfig Servers configured DNS Servers for name resolution
Internet IP NAT'd IP address of rConfig Server, if available. The reads the public IP as returned by https://www.rconfig.com/ip.php
Disk Free Space Contains the number of GiB available on "/" - root partition
Last 5 devices added/modified

The Last 5 devices added/modified section shows a list of the last 5 devices added to or modified in rConfig. You will be able to click the devices name directly to bring you to the devices home page in rConfig. The date added and the user who added the device are also shown in this table.