In keeping with the open source software paradigm, rConfig was developed on the CentOS Linux distribution. We understand that not all network engineers will have used or installed Linux in their career, so we have written an installation guide to assist you. If you are unsuccessful or require further assistance, you may avail of a premium support option to assist with the complete rConfig installation.

To make installation of rConfig a much easier process, we have deprecated the previous installation and build guides (though they may still be referred to for any manual builds if required). There are now only a few commands to run and some questions to answer to get rConfig up and running.

Minimum Requirements

  • Centos 7+
  • PHP 7+
  • MySQL 5.6+
  • Apache 2.4+
  • Browser IE7+, Firefox3.5+, Chrome11+, Safari3+, Opera 9.4+

To get started with the installation we recommend a base install of Centos 7+ minimal build. You can then follow the installation instructions per the support guides. This will install the other requirement dependencies such as MySQL, PHP etc...

rConfig 3.x Installation Instructions

If you follow these instructions you will only need to have installed a minimal version of Centos 7. The installation scripts will take care of installation and configuration of all other dependancies.

You must have PHP 5.6+ installed and running for 3.7 and above of rConfig to operate correctly.

Step 1. Install CentOS Minimal per instructions this guide

Step 2. Login as root and run the following commands

cd /home
curl -O -A "Mozilla"
chmod +x

Hint: To view the live installation output - Open a second SSH session to your CentOS server befofre running the install scripts and run the following commaind 'tail -f /home/install.log' after the installation scripts above are launched

Step 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install rConfig. Most steps should be self-expanatory. if any errors occur during the installation, please review install.log for more information. Once the first script has completed, you must reboot per the instructions and run the second script. The scripts will guide you through the process.

Step 4. Once rConfig is installed navigate to https://youhostname/install and follow the instructions to complete the installation.

Centos Minimal Build Instructions

Alt text

Our friends at tecmint have done an amazing job at putting together build documents for CentOS 7. Check them out per the links below. If you can install applications or websites on Windows, or any other OS, you can install CentOS. It's easy :) But remember to download the CentOS minimal build, otherwise your OS is over-inflated with unnecessary packages. Last note; by downloading and installing the minimal build of CentOS, some of the steps in the guide below will be missing, such as selecting packages. You also will not have a CentOS desktop post-build.