Scheduled Tasks Overview

rConfig utilizes the Linux CRON daemon to run scheduled tasks. Currently you can create a three types of scheduled tasks.

  • Download Configurations
  • Run Reports
  • Schedule Config Snippet
Download Configurations

When you select to create a scheduled task to Download Configurations, you will choose the category of devices or the individual devices themselves of which to run the pre-configured set of commands against. You will choose the recurring times which to run the script. You can also select to email a connectivity report.

Run Reports

rConfig version 3.6.7 only has a single report to run. This is expected to grow in future versions. The Configuration Comparison report allows you to compare downloaded outputs. In this report, the latest downloaded output is compared to the version just before it by date. i.e A show run downloaded today, will be compared against a show run for yesterday. Equally, if the latest show run was last Friday, and the most recent before this was the Friday before, these files are compared. The report iterates over a category when run. The selected command is compared for all devices in a selected category. The output is saved to a file and can be viewed in the reports section, and/or emailed per the email settings also.

Schedule Config Snippet

You are able to schedule predefined Config Snippets to automatically execute on one or more devices at a scheduled time. This uses the same Cron schedule layout as Download Configurations. Once completed, a status report can optionally be emailed to any email address set on the settings page.