Main Settings

The General Settings page contains some important rConfig system settings and information

Server Details

This section contains some basic server resource information such as Memory, CPU and hard disk space. Also, you can set the time zone on this page. It is important that you do this, as some backend scripts require this setting to be accurate.

Password Encryption

As of version 3.8.0 you can enable password encryption in your database. All device passwords will be encrypted using a 'key' you specify. That key will be stored outside the web directory of rConfig. You may only enable password encryption if it has not been previously enabled. Per Fig1.

Fig1. Alt text

Clicking on 'Enable Encryption' button will launch the wizard. Fig2. Alt text

Click 'Yes' to proceed, or 'No' to cancel the wizard.

Next, you will be asked if you have run a backup of rConfig. If you have not, it is strongly advised that you run a backup. Click on 'Click here to run a backup!' hyperlink to run a backup. To continue click 'I've already run a backup', or 'I have not backed up!' to cancel the wizard. Fig3. Alt text If you clicked 'I've already run a backup', you will be presented with the Encryption Key input dialog. You need to type in your encryption key. You can only do this once, so choose your key carefully. There are no restrictions on length, character types etc... But please do choose a long key. You are advised to type this out in another text editor and paste in here so you can retain for your records. The key is recoverable from the rConfig server afterwards. Fig4. Alt text

When you click on, after entering the key, the wizard will display a warning notice per below. Click 'Encrypt' to continue. Fig5. Alt text

Once you click 'Encrypt', the wizard will then store the key and proceed to encrypt every password and enable password for each device in the database. Default passwords on the settings page are encrypted when you input or update those fields.

The process is complete when you see the notification per fig6 below. Fig6. Alt text

Device Settings
  • This sections has settings and information relating to devices. The first three username/ password fields are used to auto-populate the username/password fields for the device add form on the Device page.

  • Manual up/download credentials section can be set to Yes to force users to manually enter in their username and password for logging into a network device prior to manually initiating a config snippet upload or config download If set to no, a manual config snippet upload or config download will use the default credentials stored from the fields above. This setting can only be modified by a user with the Admin privileges.

  • The default device connection timeout when rConfig is connecting to devices is 60 seconds. You may change this to suit your requirements.

  • Turn on Debug device output to get more verbose logging. Generally only used for support purposes. You can view and delete debug logs here also.
Email Settings

Please enter your mail server details per the Email Settings form. You can also test your SMTP server by clicking the 'Test Mail Server' button.

Software & Database Details

PHP, Database and node count information is displayed in the next section, as well as the option to enable PHP logging. This should be set to Off, except if explicitly asked to turn it on for support.